pyc mooring.JPG


After the channel into the Cove, bear slightly to the right and proceed down row towards shore. There is a line of local Yacht Club moorings. Look for "PYC Pattaconk" on the mooring ball.


  • The mooring cannot be reserved.

  • First come, first served basis for PYC members. 

  • The first member to pick up the mooring shall be willing to raft with other club members if they should approach the mooring. When subsequent boats approach, they should be invited to raft.

  • There shall be a limit of 4 boats on the mooring at one time.

  • All boats using the mooring shall fly the PYC burgee or have a club decal displayed.

  • Boats using the mooring must be occupied for the duration of the stay.

  • Members have a right to ask a non-member to leave the mooring, in a polite and courteous manner.

  • A boat may stay on the mooring for 3 (three) consecutive nights.

  • When rafting, common courtesy is expected in regards to loud music, undue noise and running of generators.