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Membership Requirements

To obtain more information on becoming a member, fill out the form below.

Someone from the Membership Committee will contact you.

Pattaconk Yacht Club is a beautiful and reasonably priced facility because our members are willing to work together for the good of the Club. Members donate a wide variety of remarkable skills to make this happen. We have a waiting list of 2 or more years depending on slip availability.


Social Member

Everyone begins as a social member while awaiting a boat slip assignment, however some choose to remain social members only. This grants access to the club grounds and all events, rental of the Clubhouse 2nd floor, registered trailer parking, boat ramp use, kayak rack storage, use of picnic pavilion, riverfront beach access, mooring ball use in Hamburg Cove* & in front of the Club on the River* (*rules apply). Non-Slip members may slip their boat at no charge prior to club commissioning and after Labor Day with the Dockmaster’s approval.


Slip Holders

In addition to all Social Member privileges, a seasonal boat slip with picnic table area and convenient parking behind the boat slip are just some of the reasons to become a slip holder.


New Members must be sponsored by a current club member. If you don't know a current member, we offer a 6-month mentor program during which time you will be introduced to the grounds, meet club members, explained club rules and process of slip ownership, attend one club function, attend one membership meeting.


All members must participate in a minimum of two (2) work parties per calendar year, as required by “PYC” Rules and Regulations”. Members are expected to take part in dinner parties, club picnics, and other club activities, including the general care of the clubhouse and grounds. 


New members after June 1st must attend one work party during the first calendar year of their membership (after November 1st are exempt from work party attendance until the following year). New members are required to serve on one committee their first year of membership, as prescribed by the Executive Committee. New members are subject to a one-year probationary period commencing with the date of election. At the end of probationary period, the Membership Committee will review the candidates’ qualification for full membership.


Complete the Membership Application contact form below and someone from our membership committee will get back to you.

Membership Application Contact
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Thank you for submitting your initial membership application contact form. A member of our Membership Committee will reach out to you shortly!

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